89% of consumers begin the buying process with Google Search.

Customer Cult can help you launch effective digital advertising campaigns that drive incremental business.

Why trust Customer Cult with your next campaign?

We're a full-service digital agency helping companies of all sizes achieve their advertising goals through innovative multi-channel strategies across all digital platforms.


Itelligently and strategically put our clients products and/or services infront of customers at every point along the customer journey.

Proactive and Passionate Team

You will get your own account manager who's only purpose is to deliver you results.  They will keep a close eye on stats and continually optimize your campaign without you saying a word.

Top Notch Creatives

We implement solutions that allow for an increased level of engagement with current and potential customers.

We strategicly and intelligently put you in front of your ideal customers, everywhere 
You don't have to do a thing!  We handle everything including keyword research, ad copy creation, messaging, targeting, analytics, conversion tracking, and continuous optimization. We focus our efforts on the best networks to get your ads in from of the right customers at the right time.  All our campaigns are customized to ensure they align directly with your goals and drive maximum ROI.

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We pack in loads of features to help ensure you get maximum return on your investment.

All of our campaigns include...

Keyword research

Don't take keyword research for granted. Some agencies delegate this task to the Client or even skip it entirely. Regardless of your industry, the words people are using to search with may surprise you. That's why we take such a deep dive and make sure we leave nothing to chance.

Competitor analysis

Your competitors have a lot to teach us, even if it's simply what not to do. Performing an in-depth analysis of your competition gives us a wealth of actionable knowledge that we can use to make sure we amplify the probability of early success.

Ad creation and testing

Pay-Per-Click is still content marketing. The efficacy of your campaign is going to be dependent upon your ad copy and its ability to convert the right prospects. Far too often ad copy is treated like an afterthought instead of a critical and core component.

Google analytics integration

Analytics integration is an essential component to Pay-Per-Click marketing that far too many agencies neglect. PPC is not a linear advertising model. Knowing how traffic interacts with your site offers a massive wealth of actionable data that shouldn't be ignored.

Conversion tracking

The cardinal sin of PPC marketing is not tracking conversions. In our ten years in business Solutions 8 has seen more than half of the campaigns we take over from other vendors come completely without conversion tracking. This is called flying blind and it is inexcusable.

Continuous optimizations

You can't nickel and dime PPC. Limiting the number of optimizations means wasting time and money, two things no business has an excess of. We complete as many optimizations as a campaign can handle in order to ensure the greatest amount of success in the shortest amount of time.